Talk Like, Act Like Sticks

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November 30, 2015

Talk Like, Act Like Sticks


Talk Like, Act Like Sticks will get your students up, motivated and ready to participate in class. Students love it when they can be a little silly and pretend they are the next best actor/actress!
They are great for class participation, taking attendance, practicing reading, increasing language and vocabulary, reciting poems/chants and sharing their daily journal writings.
During attendance and calendar time, my students beg for a funny voice to use when answering my questions. There have been times when I couldn't think of a funny voice or action on the spot. So, these sticks have definitely come in handy!
Here are a few examples.

Before I let my students Talk Like/Act Like, we first discuss what their task might sound like or look like. For example, What might be happening to your body if it really was 110 degrees outside? How would you feel? Can you name some places in the United States that get that hot? How would you act if it was the opposite of110 degrees outside? There is so much language you can bring out with these sticks :)
Another example, Talk Like You're 95 years old. After my students "perform", I will continue to ask them more questions. "I noticed you were talking with a shaky voice and walking wobbly. Why would a 95 year old person, walk like that?"
There are 52 premade signs and 12 blanks ones so your students can have fun making up their own silly voices or actions.
You can find Talk Like, Act Like Sticks HERE

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