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May 3, 2016

Speechy Appreciation Sale Blog Linky

I can't believe we are already finishing up another school year! I guess the busier you are, the faster the days go by! Luckily, TPT is having a sale and I can stock up on some items to help get me through the rest of this school year! I have linked up with The Frenzied SLP Group to share some of my items that will be on sale and items from sellers that are currently on my wish list!
My newest product has been a major hit in my classroom. My students are having so much fun working on their speech goals while creating and spinning their own target pinwheels.
Spin a Pinwheel Bundle includes: Spin a Pinwheel Articulation and Spin a Pinwheel Language
Spin a Pinwheel for Articulation includes pinwheels for initial and final sounds.

Spin a Pinwheel for Language includes receptive and expressive language goals: identifying and naming colors, shapes, categories, making comparisons, describing nouns, antonyms, synonyms,
multiple meaning words, and answering WH questions.

Word Sentence Scramble (48 cards)-Students will rearrange the scrambled sentence to form a complete sentence and write their answers down on the recording sheet provided. Your students will enjoy checking their work by scanning the QR code on each task card.
3 Word Sentence Scramble,
4 Word Sentence Scramble,
5 Word Sentence Scramble,
6 Word Sentence Scramble

Fix-It 180 cards!–students must edit the sentences to make them grammatically correct.
Fix It-Is/Are,
Fix It-Negatives,
Fix-It Present Tense Verbs
Fix-it Regular Plurals
Fix-it Irregular Plurals
Fix-It Regular Past Tense Verbs
Fix-It Irregular Past Tense Verbs
Fix-It Pronouns
Fix-It Possessive Pronouns

I'm looking forward to taking advantage of TPT's Big Sale! It is time to clean up my wish list and start adding them to my cart! :) Here are a few things that I currently have on my wish list!
For those that know me, I like to find the positive in every situation. I'm so excited to about Speech to the Core's newest product on Growth Mindset. I'm anxious to help my students understand and learn the difference between fixed and growth mindset! I know this product will be a valuable resource to not only myself, but each one of my students!
The Pedi Speechie is going to take the stress off the transition of coming back from summer vacation and back into therapy so much easier. This September "Speech Group" for Expressive and Receptive Language Lessons is filled with fun lessons and crafts that will keep everyone happy about coming back to school! :)
Speechasaurus knows how to get therapists and their students moving with her Yoga Activities for Speech and Language! I know my students are going to love getting up from their seats and doing  yoga while still targeting their goals!
My students are having Field Day at our school this week. I know they will want to keep the summer themed activities coming! The Speech Attic's Water Balloon Fight Interactive Articulation Activity will definitely do the trick!
I love the idea of getting the whole family together in the kitchen! Creative Speech Lab is so CREATIVE! She has found an engaging way to get kids to address their goals while having fun in the kitchen with their family!
Didn't I tell you I had a lot on my wish list?
My students are always needing materials on inferencing and expanding their vocabulary! I know they will have no problem with working on this concept with SLP Runner's game - Deep Dark Sea for Inferencing and Vocabulary.
Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!
Make sure to checkout with the  code: CELEBRATE
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